Agricultural Training Programs

Our trainers visit the farmers at their enterprises or groups to comprehensively train them in their farming environments and also to monitor their individual progress. Farmers are trained on up- to – date agricultural technologies, growing/ rearing methods, harvesting, post-harvesting and marketing. These programs are tailored to the specific capabilities of the farmers involved.

Expert Agronomic and Livestock Assistance

As experts, we offer excellent services on Agronomic and Livestock assistance. Our services include training on different farm methods, crop protection, soil care, farm and environmental hygiene, livestock rearing, feeding and disease control. The success of your farm is our priority and pride. Various benefits include: On farm training and demonstrations on different modern agricultural […]

Organic Farming

Our experts have a wide range of experience of organic farming systems and provide expert technical advice on a range of topics including converting to organic production, rotation and crop planning, nutrient budgeting, soil management and the preparation and maintenance of livestock health and management plans.

Market Research and Analysis

One of our key services includes providing you with detailed and relevant information of your target market. As experts, we compile surveys and in-depth market analysis that often include detailed overviews of facts, figures, legal frameworks, market potential for your products, competitive environment and much more – all individually tailored to your specific requests. we […]

Project Monitoring and Evaluation

We provide project support services to our clients. This include; project implementation (conduct of baselines, surveys, analysis), Program Design and Management, Technical Assistance in Institutional Strengthening, Proposal Development, Project Monitoring and Evaluation & Feasibility Studies.

Project Planning and Management

We implement Agricultural and rural development projects and programmes as an integral part of our consulting business. We understand the local context and provide practical solutions while undertaking any assignment.